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About Us


Technical Experience

 In 1990, three computer engineers started a computer shop in Salem, New Hampshire. They named it Megatron to symbolize how the shop would transform how services were offered in the modern pc world in the areas of communication, computing, and gaming.”, We have done computer sales and services locally to the Merrimack Valley for over 29 years now. And we are going to continue the commitment in the future 


High ROI


Our customer base covers students, families, small businesses, schools, and other educational institutions. Come to see us if you have any computer issues, such as virus infection, upgrade problem, system crashes, data recovery, backups, network settings, etc.


Satisfaction Guaranteed


If you want to build a new computer, we also can provide you the most cost-effective way to achieve your own specification We have been in the business long enough to get better prices from our suppliers for all kinds of parts. Just call us for the price comparison and you will see the difference. We always promised The Best Deal In Town